Oceania Riviera 2020

January 26 February 4 20209MIAMI TO MIAMI
February 4-14 202010MIAMI TO MIAMI
February 14-26 202012MIAMI TO MIAMI
February 26 March 11 202014MIAMI TO MIAMI
March 11-21 202010MIAMI TO MIAMI
March 21-31 202010MIAMI TO MIAMI
March 21 April 15 202025MIAMI TO ROME
March 31 April 15 202015MIAMI TO ROME
April 29 May 9 202010BARCELONA TO ROME
May 9-20 202011ROME TO ATHENS
May 26 June 7 202012VENICE TO BARCELONA
June 19-29 202010ATHENS TO VENICE
June 29 July 9 202010VENICE TO BARCELONA
July 9-16 20207BARCELONA TO ROME
July 16-26 202010ROME TO MONTE CARLO
July 26 August 2 20207MONTE CARLO TO BARCELONA
July 26 August 12 202017MONTE CARLO TO VENICE
August 2-12 202010BARCELONA TO VENICE
August 12-22 202010VENICE TO MONTE CARLO
August 22 September 1 202010MONTE CARLO TO ROME
September 1-8 20207ROME TO BARCELONA
September 1-20 202019ROME TO ROME
September 8-20 202012BARCELONA TO ROME
September 20 October 4 202014ROME TO ATHENS
October 4-16 202012ATHENS TO LISBON
October 4-28 202024ATHENS TO ROME
October 16-28 202012LISBON TO ROME
October 16 November 13 202028LISBON TO MIAMI
October 28 November 13 202016ROME TO MIAMI

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